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A Fresh Website Design

1790 Analytics is a long time client and in late 2017 they came to us requesting a new site as their former solution appeared outdated. We delivered a fresh, responsive and modern solution that would revive the brands online presence and help rebuild that impression of a forward thinking brand.

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Upgrading To Responsive Design

CashMasters ATM had been using their prior site that wasn’t mobile friendly nor mobile compatible. It was also very old looking and it was from a layout standpoint. It was difficult for the site to get listed on Google. They desperately needed a new site and we delivered just that.

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Who Is Blue Wave Concepts?

Blue Wave Concepts, LLC is a digital marketing agency, web design and web development firm which was established in 2003 and has been in business ever since. We’ve grown from a part time operation to full time business with a portfolio of active clients. We have the technical competence and software development expertise, we can build complex web applications from scratch at a good value.

We specialize in creating online presences for small to medium businesses and acting as an external part of your team to support in your ongoing marketing activities. Our team includes professionals with extensive backgrounds in search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. We’re here to help your business grow online.

Our team are always happy to talk with prospective clients and share our industry knowledge and we welcome you to reach out for a free consultation with us today.

I have worked with Blue Wave Concepts for more than a dozen years. Without question, Scott and his team are resourceful, creative, conscientious, efficient, reasonable and flexible. Their quick turnaround time on assignments sometimes defy the law of physics. Their superlative technical capabilities are exceeded only by Scott’s many personal qualities. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott and his organization to work with any serious law firm whether large or small.

Smaller is better when it comes to service and Blue Wave Concepts is no exception! Unlike the big guys, Blue Wave Concepts provides personal one on one service for their clients which is invaluable when it comes to the importance of keeping things running smoothly for web hosting, web page creation, and other internet related services. No being put on hold, calls to a foreign call center, or impersonal forms to fill out whatsoever. Thank you Scott and company!